One of the directions of our company’s activities is the complex consulting of communities on attracting investments, developing investment passports and spreading information about community investment proposals.

In addition, our representatives can help you to understand and overcome the difficulties in finding grand and donor care, development, preparing and applying for regional and international projects.

A separate area of work is consulting in the system of “green technologies” which can enable you to save significant amount of money, which in the future can be directed to social and domestic investment programs.

Cooperation on the basis of the concluded agreement has already proven itself as a reliable, competitive form of partnership relations. After all, by addressing to us, the community gains a number of advantages, which are combined with the high quality of our services and the economy of financial resources of the community.

In the process of complex consulting services for your community, we can, in particular, carry out the following activities:

– providing advice and explanations on any issues related to the development of investment passports for the community;

– examination of projects and other documents developed by the community;

– assistance in the search, preparation and implementation of grant programs;

– participation in negotiation processes;

– Facilitating the search for a potential foreign investor;

– development of projects of internal documents of a community connected with attraction of investments or cooperation with the investor;

– many other tasks that may be needed to be solved in your community.