Investment passport for communities

The investment passport for comunity is a specific document that can attract potential investors and encourage them to act. It is a source of information for a potential investor, on the one hand, and means to facilitate the access of local communities to investment resources – on the other.
Creating an investment passport is the first step in marketing the territory, that is, increasing its investment attractiveness for potential investors as a result of providing them with the information they need to make investment decisions. The quality and correctness of the drafting of this document directly affects the formation of the investor’s final decision on the feasibility of the transaction. If the passport is incomplete or questionable about the features of the business environment in the region, this increases the likelihood of a refusal to cooperate with the investor.
The preparation of this document requires special attention, since it is necessary to record all the strengths and weaknesses of the activity of each branch of economy represented in the community.
The team offers services to develop the investment passport in accordance with all requirements regarding its content, structure and basic data.